Friday, 1 March 2013

Kickstart your Social Media Campaign: Developing your Social Media "Voice" 
"Look Who's Talking 13: Starring John Travolta as Social Media"

Okay. You have made your Facebook Page, your Twitter account, your Blog and all your other Social Media Profiles and it's now time to make your first post.


What is your post going to be like? Are you going to be formal? Informal? Fun? Friendly? Informative? Who am I speaking to?

There are a lot of considerations to make! So we have decided here at The Arts Marketeer to give you our Guide on Developing Your Social Media Voice.

Identify your Audience

Who is it exactly that your organisation or group is aimed at? Is it like The Arts Marketeeer and is it for the Arts Community? Are you in Tourism and you are targeting Tourists from Overseas? 
It should be clear before you begin your Social Media Campaign who your target audience is. This will help you decide a number of things:
  • What tone you need to take
  • What content you need to give them
  • What they can gain from your group/organisations
You will see "Get to Know your Audience" here quite a bit at The Arts Marketeer.
Think about the following to help you:
  • Their Geographical Location
  • Their Information Needs
  • Their Age Group
  • Their Social Class
  • Their Common/Stereotypical Behaviours

 Define your Organisation's/Group's Values

When starting something fresh and new, we can often forget to sit down sometimes and define what our values are. So there is no time like the present to start Brainstorming. Here would be some examples The Arts Marketeer's values:
  • Creativity
  • Education
  • Fun
  • Savvy
  • Innovation
Already from our values here a voice begins to develop. We want to be educational but fun at the same time. This is why we have decided to deliver our content in a more relaxed informal way while at the same time trying to be innovative  and informative.

Try it for your self with this Values List:

Voice Guidelines

When you have a fair idea of what your Social Media Voice is going to be, start writing up a list of guidelines or policies for yourself to follow.
Sometimes there can be more than one person working on your Social Media:
  • The Managers
  • The Posters
  • The Content Makers 
But everyone needs to follow the same guidelines and follow the same voice and structure and there is where your guidelines will come in handy!

On this note, remember to reflect your organisations voice and personality in the Content you are making.  If your a very Formal well established Literary Society, then don't go posting pictures of cute puppies or OMG cats.

Stay tuned Marketeers,

The Arts Marketeer

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