Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Welcome Marketeers!!

"And now for something completely different"

More often than not when you go trawling through the waves and waves of material that is available on the subject matter of Digital Marketing you find the information that is out there is focused on the Business world and comes with a whole load of jargon that we will never need to know!

But what about the common Artist? What about Arts Organisations big AND small?
And What about Small Business Owners in fact? Don't they need to be creative too?

That's the business we are in! Creativity!

We love nothing more than seeing an Artist kicking ass through Social Media and selling a hundred of their paintings from one Facebook post! And we especially love seeing Arts Organisations making the most of all the Digital Marketing tools at their disposal!

But not everyone out there is familiar with all these tools and tricks. And Digital Marketing is a dynamic creature that changes on a daily basis.

What we want to do is:
  • Give you some tips, tricks and tools that can help your own Digital Marketing
  • keep you up to date with all the current Digital Marketing trends
  • Put forward some good ol' Case Studies for discussion
  • Work with Artists and Arts Organisations on their Digital Marketing Plan
  • Maybe even work with some Small Business Owners
  • And Maybe even do a little bit of boring all research
All we want you to do is join the discussion!

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Stay tuned,

The Arts Marketeer

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