Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tracking Social Influencers

As you start building a strong social media audience, a portion of this audience will become your Social Influencers!

These are your hardcore fans! The ones who like, comment and share your content and engage with you on a regular basis. Not only this, these people carry some clout and have their own strong following and what you'll find is that THEIR friends and followers are now sharing YOUR material!!

The best case scenario here would be if someone famous was to share a video you had made and they shared it on their own social media. But come on..... that's probably never going to happen!

We need to always try and keep and eye on these top influencers as these are the people who are our greatest advocates/ambassadors. More people are likely to trust what their friends are saying about you rather than what you are trying to tell them!

However there are some nice little tools that can help us track these social influencers. So here is a list of tools you can go ahead and try out:

For Twitter:


This great little online tool allows you to analyse your twitter account so you can see information like: What sort of Impact you are making, What type of Klout you hold on Twitter and other key information. The one we are most interested in here is you can check out who some of your Top Influencers are on Twitter! 
Too good to be true? If you want more than basic information than this you can sign up and pay a monthly fee. But its nice for testing the waters.


This is another Twitter tool that allows you to do a whole heap of neat little things. Most importantly for us however is that it gives a detailed list of your Top influencers as well as people who engage most with your profile and the biggest supporters. Our favourite feature of this tool is the fact that it even tells you who you should consider replying too!! You only need to sign up for free and you can gain access to a whole heap of data that you never knew you had!

For Facebook:

Agora Pulse

We have only come across this website recently. Its a nice little CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), telling you when is the best time to be making your posts, what type of content works best for you and so on. 
The best thing about Agora Pulse is that it allows you to then see your most engaged influencers on your Facebook Page. You can go as far as to even break this audience down further into categories such as; person leaving you the most comments, giving you the most likes, giving the most clicks and so on.
Free to use, but the first time we used it the site took FOREVER to analyse the Facebook data we gave it! 
But worth it.

Once you have identified some of your top influencers you can now go on to approach them for specific marketing campaigns you have created, get them to write reviews for you or perhaps you can even reward them somehow to maintain their strong advocacy.

All in all, this should help understand your social media network a little better and provide some nice little tools to do so!

Let us know your thoughts,

The Arts Marketeer

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