Monday, 8 April 2013

First Arts Marketeer Talk

Greetings all!

Its been a while since our last blog post - we have been incredibly busy with Work, Life and Maketeering - a holy trinity that we are sure you are all familiar with!

On April 4th we were lucky to meet the MBA in Professional Business and Arts Management from Trinity St. David and give them our very first Arts Marketeer talk. The students were visiting Wexford for a few days thanks to the fantastic Coracle programme, a programme that without which, the Arts Marketeer would never have been created.

Not only was this talk a great Milestone for the Arts Marketeer but it was also our first time using Prezi - the online presentation tool - which we can gladly report was fun to use, looked great and is fantastically interactive - the possibilities of this tool seemingly endless.

We just gave a brief introduction into who we were, what the Arts Marketeer offers and we also offered our services to the students who are currently underway with their Arts Management Projects.

We also introduced some tools - such as Hootesuite to name one - in order to give them some practical tools that they could use. In the following weeks we will make sure to blog about these tools too.

All in all - the reception we received was a very positive one and leads perfectly onto the official Lauch of the Arts Marketeer which we hope to announce the details of which shortly.

Below we attach our Prezi Presentation we gave on the day to show you what you can do with the very basics of Prezi.

Looking forward to getting back to the blog posts.

The Arts Marketeer

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